An Idaho man named David Rush has broken more than 150 Guinness world records.  He does do to promote STEM education and get people interested in this sort of thing.

This time he broke a new record for throwing 52 nuts in the air and catching them in a can on his head.  He said he taped the can to his melon so it wouldn't fall when he moved around to catch the nuts.

He had to make them into the can within one minute and he beat the previous record of 38 by doing so.

Previous world records broken include poker chips stacked within 60 seconds, world's fastest juggling on a unicycle, blindfolded juggling on a unicycle, and my favorite...most grapes sliced on a balance board with a samurai sword.

This year, I wonder if I unknowingly broke any Guinness Book of World Records.  Like days without a shower, or amount of cuss words said under my breath.  I doubt I beat The Wolf of Wall Street who set a new Guinness World Records record title for most swearing in one film. The f-word is used 506 times which is an average of 2.81 times per minute.

I'll bet I got close some days.

A fella by the name of Daksh Choudhary took a shower in 33.18 seconds for the Quickest Shower...and Maureen Weston stayed in a bathtub for 18 days and 17 hours but I don't see a record for time without a bath.

Guess 7 days will just have to be my own personal best.

Something to beat in 2021.


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