I'm not sure kids' allowance is keeping up with the rate of inflation. We're all in trouble if they ever figure out how to unionize.

A new study found that the average kid between four and 14 years old gets $8-a-week in allowance. But that's just the base salary. They also get paid extra for doing their chores, including:

  • Washing the car, $4.
  • Taking care of the yard, $4.
  • Cleaning their room, $2.
  • Laundry, $2.
  • Vacuuming, $1.50.
  • Taking out the garbage, $1.
  • Washing the dishes, $1.

The study also found the kids save about 37% of the money they make. Based on the $416 in just allowance at $8-a-week, that means they're saving about $154 a year.

Read more at Daily Mail.

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