At the top of my list of Quad Cities bands is a band that retired a few years back called Meth & Goats.  They were great for many reasons, but one of those reasons was their drummer, Ray.  No such thing as a "stock" drum part.  Everything was super interesting and thought out and just freaking great.

I didn't know Ray...but I play one of his songs once an hour during The Bill Stage Radio Show.  Ray died and left behind a daughter.  His friend, Jon Burns, has put together a digital compilation benefit album highlighting the professional recording career of Ray Malone. It is a fundraiser for Rose's Education Fund (an education fund for Ray and Emilie's daughter Rose) The price is $10.00 but you have the option of paying more if you would like. It's for a great cause.

Songs in the Key of Ray can be purchased here:…/songs-in-the-…

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