I first saw Meth and Goats at The Establishment Theater in Rock Island. I'd heard the name before and knew it was a band I could get behind from that moment. A couple of my friends that were in a Ramones tribute band with me were also in attendance that night and were already big fans.  Our mouths were agape several times during the show in particular during the little lick during "Tell Me I'm Powerful".

The energy, the beauty, the noise. Simplicity while being extremely musical.  And that f&*kin guitar! It's like he learned guitar on a broken guitar where frets 1-8 don't even exist!  It hit me like a shovel to the back of my stupid head. These guys were incredible. I bought the "Attack on Meth & Goats Mountain" album along with a Falconcrest album that paled in comparison (but was still great).

Being a father of two small kids and a husband to a wife that mostly works second shift makes seeing live music difficult. So I've only seen these guys a couple of times. Another was a Ribco where Jon ended up with a trashcan over his head, lying on the floor screaming into the distorted microphone.

Meth and Goats will be calling it quits. Their final show will be happening this Friday at Rozz Tox in Rock Island and this makes me very sad. I'm very happy to have both of the records and even happier to hear they've got a final album in the works. But they will be missed because that kind of spirit & chemistry happens very little.

I will continue to beat the hell out of my steering wheel every time I hear "Wolf Style" and scratch my head in confusion and admiration when I "Psychic Car Crash" comes on.

Thank you, M&G!  You will continue to bring me joy whether you know like it or not.

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