A hidden creature was discovered inside a fully decorated Christmas tree at a home in Lexington, Kentucky.

Hidden Within The Branches

Homeowner Michele White was astounded to discover the festive intruder had gone undetected in her living room for four days.

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“I was shocked,” Michele White said. “I was so stunned. I have three dogs. We use this room non-stop — watch TV, the kitchen’s right here. No indication.”

Who Found The Creature

The animal was spotted by carpet cleaner Bobby Hayes, who was working in the home while the family was away. Upon plugging in a piece of equipment, Hayes noticed the tree moving and soon discovered the small creature.


Nestled inside the Christmas tree was a baby owl. Hayes was able to capture the baby owl without causing it any harm, and released it into the family's backyard.

“The owl was literally sitting on a lower limb here,” he said. It crawled up into the tree further,” Hayes said. “It took me several minutes to even find it.”

A relieved White expressed gratitude, admitting that she would have been terrified had she discovered the bird herself.

“I thought he’d put a stuffed animal or an ornament in it, so I called him immediately. I’m like, ‘You’re kidding me, right?'” White said. “He was like, ‘No.'”

White now intends to create a needlepoint owl Christmas ornament, inspired by the unexpected Yuletide guest.

News Clip Of The Owl Catch

Both homeowner and carpet cleaner are relieved that everyone can now enjoy a merry Christmas.

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