I typically stay out of the ocean because you don't know what in the hell is down there, and there's a new video that only reinforces that feeling.

A fisherman in Hawaii realizes his luck now after a tiger shark tried to take a bite out of him and his kayak.


“Heard a ‘whooshing’ sound, looked up and saw a wide brown thing on the side of the kayak,” Scott Haraguchi wrote on his upload to YouTube. “Thought it was a turtle at first.”

Haraguchi was fishing about a mile from the eastern coast off the island of Oahu, Hawaii on Friday when the tiger shark swam up and bit his boat. The entire incident's footage was captured by Haraguchi’s GoPro camera, showing the scary moment and near moment he got injured.


“Aaaaah, tiger shark, tiger shark!" he said in the video, as the shark reached out of the water to try and bit him.

"Didn't realize I took my left foot out of the water to brace myself from impact and actually pushed the shark's head off with it," he wrote. "If you asked me to do that again, even without the shark, I don't think I'd have that flexibility. I actually only thought the shark rammed the kayak until I saw the video at home."

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