Rumors have been flying around that Kanye West had a meltdown backstage before "Saturday Night Live" this past weekend. And now, there's audio of it.

As far as rants go, this is pretty typical for Kanye. He had some sort of special flooring for his performance, but it was too reflective and the stage lights were reflecting off it, which caused the video wall behind him to mess up. Stage hands had to remove the flooring and then Kanye flipped out.

In addition to whining like a baby and threatening not to perform, he also calls Taylor Swift a "fake ass." Then he elevates himself above some pretty important people, including Stanley Kubrick, Picasso, Apostle Paul and Escobar.

A source tells Page Six that he also called the "SNL" staffers, "White mother[effers]," but his rep denies it. Lorne Michaels reportedly had to talk Kanye down off his ledge so he would stay and do the show.

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