Zaw Zaw, a Burmese man, was just awarded $2 million for a botched circumcision at the Iowa Clinic.

Zaw Zaw had received a referral to the clinic for a circumcision, which was clearly noted and written four times. Not being able to understand English very well, he was assigned an interpreter, who explained the procedure to him. Sitting with him, the interpreter filled out the forms, clearly stating that the skin was to be cut. Apparently that document was shredded accidentally.

His lawyer said that rather than perform the circumcision, the doctor performed a vasectomy. The Iowa Clinic pointed its finger at Zaw Zaw, saying it was his fault the wrong procedure was performed.

The Jury decision was to award Zaw Zaw with $2 million, saying the doctor was 70% at fault, and Zaw Zaw was 30%. The Iowa Clinic issued a statement saying they were happy no fault fell on them, and that the urologist was released from the clinic.

The Iowa Clinic was in court last April for misdiagnosing a man with prostate cancer. The following intense surgery left him with extensive nerve damage that "negatively impacted his marriage." He was awarded $12 million.

Zaw Zaw's urologist is now practicing at another clinic.

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