Fans are saying that the Chicago Cubs broke their 108-year-long curse last night by finally winning the World Series. Manager Joe Maddon knows it was more than luck, he's had it planned since spring training.

Take a look at what Maddon had on the white board during training:

Here's a little more detail on what he'd written. A lot of Maddon's points can be used in more areas than just sports.

  1. Embrace the Target. Maddon knows that his team is a target for their opponents and wanted them to embrace it to relieve the pressure.
  2. We All Have to Set Aside Our Personal Agendas. Players have to be flexible, the team's goals should be above their own objectives.
  3. All Do Our Jobs. Each individual should accept their role with a great attitude to make the team stronger.
  4. Know We Are Not Perfect. Mistakes happen and nobody is perfect. Embrace the failures, playing it safe could leave to mediocrity.
  5. We Are Our Own Little Planet and Rotate Around Same Goal. A single goal with each individual truly accepting it as their own goal, solves a lot of problems.
  6. Do Simple Better. Reduce the game to its essence, make it easy to have fun. Thinking too much will make you tense and performance will suffer.
  7. The Process Is Fearless. The Process lacks emotion, is the moment, is the mental anchor, and simplifies the task. In other words: Don’t think. Play.

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