One of the first viral internet personalities has passed away at the age of 93.

Jack Rebney, the foul-mouthed man from Winnebago commercials whose outtakes went viral immediately upon their release to the internet.

krautnuck via YouTube
krautnuck via YouTube

It was 1988 when Rebney, a former broadcast journalist, couldn't contain his anger while he was filming a commercial for Winnebago. He frustrated the crew so much that they compiled the commercial's worst outbursts and began circulating them via VHS tapes.


Eventually, this made it to the internet after a new audience got their hold on the tapes during Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher's Found Footage Festival, where he was declared "the angriest man in the world."

In 2009, Ben Steinbauer shot a documentary about Rebney, who was initially upset about the virality of his video, but then came to accept his fame after seeing how much joy his outtakes brought people.

"Jack was the holy grail of VHS heroes we wanted to meet but we were nervous he'd hate us or throw a punch," Pickett and Prueher told Entertainment Weekly. "Instead, when we met him at a show and he saw how much joy his hilarious outtakes brought people, he actually hugged us at the end of the night! And keep in mind, this is a man who called a fly a 'goddamn jackass.' We've all had frustrating days at work but none of us has expressed it as colorfully or eloquently as Jack Rebney. He will be missed."

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