Calling all LOTR fans: Gollum's Cave is actually pretty close to the QC and you can stay there for less than $100 per night.

Airbnb's often have a unique theme and this one in Bartonville, Illinois is no exception. It's about an hour and a half outside of the Quad Cities. Styled after Gollum's cave from "Lord Of The Rings", it's part of an entire LOTR-themed duplex- the top level is called the Hobbit.

The Cave isn't an expensive stay either, only $77/night. When you walk downstairs into the cave, it sets the vibe with realistic-looking stalactites hanging from the ceiling and a lantern. It has a full kitchen for you to make your Second Breakfast, a queen-size bed (there's a sectional that can become a bed too), and amenities that Gollum likely didn't have in his cave, like wifi and an indoor gas fireplace. The Cave is in the basement of the duplex so FYI you would probably hear squeaky floors if anyone is staying in the Hobbit above you.

Even with all of the modern features like a tiled shower and smart TV, it still retains the cave feel. You'll see that in the pics below.

Outside, you're welcome to use the firepit, grill, and relax on their back patio. Ready to book it? You can get more details on it and see availability here. You can get more info on renting the Hobbit level of the duplex here.

Scroll down to see pics of the Gollum's Cave Airbnb, my precious.

My Precious! Gollum's Cave Is Close To The QC & Less Than $100/Night

An Airbnb in Illinois is designed to be like Gollum's cave from "Lord Of The Rings". Take a scroll to learn more about it and see pics!

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