When it comes to Christmas, it's hard to shop for some of our friends and family, so we tend to take the easy way out and buy gift cards. Sure, they can appreciate you buying them a full tank of gas, or a few lunches or even a nice steak dinner. Heck, the easiest go to is that Amazon gift card, because they can "get whatever they want."

The problem is, at least for me, within a year or so, I don't look at the coffee maker I bought with a Christmas giftcard and think of the person who gave me that giftcard, I think of it as "That coffee maker I just bought."

Why not put more thought into your giving, and give them something they won't forget? Experiences are way more thoughtful than straight cash, and let's be real, stuff lasts way less time than memories.

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Unique Experience Gifts Iowans Want For Christmas


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