This scenario I'm about to tell you reminded me of the late great comedian Mitch Hedberg, who had a bit about just wanting to do comedy.

I got into comedy to do comedy, but when you’re in Hollywood and you’re a comedian everyone wants you to do other things besides comedy.


‘Alright, you’re a standup comedian…can you act?  Write us a script.’


They want me to do things that are related to comedy, but not comedy.


It’s as though if I was a cook and I worked my ass of to become a good cook and they said…


‘Alright you’re a cook…can you farm?’

Mitch Hedberg performs in Kansas City - February 5, 2005

Blue Cat Brewing Company

Blue Cat Brewing Co. is a historic brewery located in Rock Island, Illinois that has been brought back to relevance by owner/head brewer Charlie Cole. Over the last 15 months, Charlie and his staff have been making incredible beer and food and providing a great experience for their customers.

Some accolades from their head brewer:

  • Apprenticed under a Hofbräu München Brewmaster.
  • Has Brewing Science & Operations certificates from St. Louis University and University of Wisconsin- Madison
  • Business of Craft Beer certificates from the University of Vermont and San Diego State University
  • The membership chair for Master Brewers Association District St. Louis
  • Certified Beer Server with all specialty certifications from the Cicerone Program and a provisional judge through the Beer Judge Certification Program.
  • His Blue Cat beers won 7 awards in 2022 including their first international gold medal and were named “Illinois Irish Style Brewery of the Year” at the New York International Beer Competition

Alright you’re a brewer…can you farm?


This is Where You Come In

Charlie is offering up a super interesting opportunity.  He needs someone who is passionate about running the restaurant side of the business, allowing Charlie to focus on brewing, marketing, and distributing craft beer.

You know, the stuff he's great at and super passionate about doing.

credit: Jessica Hillman
credit: Jessica Hillman

Want to be a Part Owner of Blue Cat?

Maybe you’re a restaurant owner who wants to expand.  Perhaps you’re a food truck owner who wants some brick & mortar to build out of.

Being a part-owner of a historic brewery like Blue Cat Brewing Co. would give you the chance to be a part of a successful business, and would give you the chance to be a part of the vibrant and growing craft beer scene in the Quad Cities.  Another bonus? Your partner is known for making some of the best beer in the area.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please feel free to contact Charlie Cole at

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