What’s Tappening

The Rise of Female Brewers is What’s Tappening
Glenn Cole from Geneseo Brewing Co came in today with his assistant Rachael to talk about the rise in female brewers in the Quad Cities.
He also brought in the beer of the week: Radicle Effect Brewerks has a coffee porter called Phase 1 "The Seed"...
New Beers are What’s Tappening with Geneseo Brewing Co
Glenn Cole from Geneseo Brewing Co came in to talk about all the great beer popping up in the Quad Cities including one he brought in as the beer of the week.  The "ImMoortel Jams Amber Lager" from Bent River Brewing Co whose name is inspired by Amber, the bartender …
What’s Tappening on the 1st Full Week of 2020
For more info on local breweries and craft beer events visit craftqc.com and follow @craftquadcities on facebook and Instagram Cheers & Quaff"
-Brandon Mavis
Craft Quad Cities

Here are a handful of events happening in and around Quad Cities Beer:

Monday (01/6/20) Trivia Night at Five Cities Bre…
Celebrate QC Beer All Year
Dwyer & Michaels may have cornered the market on car calendars with beautiful women...but Brandon Mavis' subjects are a bit more within reach for us average fellas.
Craft Quad Cities' 2020 calendar features craft beers from around the Quad Cities.
Glenn Cole Talks LAGERS with Geneseo Brewing Co.
Today Glenn Cole from Geneseo Brewing Co came in to talk about (geek out about) lagers!  They apparently are harder to make because there's less in them to mask the mess-ups.  They're also a nice intro to craft beers!  So, if you've got a friend who's looking to tr…

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