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Lot of IPAs on Tap This Week
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IPAs are the most polarizing beer on the planet, in my opinion.  You either love them or hate them.  But not so much any more.  Glenn talks about the different variations coming out that might sway you…
What’s Tappening in QC Beer Land
As we get restrictions lifted and inch closer to normal we want to remind you that many of your QC Breweries have opened up to limited capacities.  And there are tons of options for to-go beers in the can/bottle variety or growlers too.
Catch Glenn's podcast "What's Tappening&…
Beer Can Appreciation Day is Sunday
I talked beer with Glenn Cole today.  Craft QC has a giveaway for Beer Can Appreciation Day this Sunday, January 24, 2021.  So grab your favorite QC canned brew to play along.  There's also great news for QC businesses in that Illinois is moving to Tier 1 restrictions so brewerie…
Nerdspeak Brewery to Open This Summer
Well, if you got any brewery certificates for Christmas now is an excellent time to cash those babies in for delicious beer!  Or merch, if you're into that sort of thing.  Thanks for continuing to support local breweries.
This Week
This second week of 2021 brings us the official announc…
New Year…New Beer is What’s Tappening
Not every New Year's Resolution needs to be about losing weight or eating healthy.  You could/should have a resolution to support small businesses in the QCA.  The perfect small business to consider is a small brewery.  These guys & gals work hard to get new brews into yo…
End of the Year Brews are What’s Tappening
Time to celebrate the end of a craptastic year.  The best way to do that is to grab some to-go cans, crowlers, growlers and kegs (oh my) from your favorite QC Brewery.
What's Tappening, this year, has been sponsored by Midwest Ale Works in East Moline...
Merch, Gift Certificates & To-Go Beers are What’s Tappening
What's Tappening is brought to you by Midwest Ale Works in East Moline!  Go grab some swag and some beers to go for your holiday get togethers!
This Week
Hats, shirts, and gift cards make a great gift, grab your swag this week. Also, make sure to stock up the fridge with Growlers, Howlers, C…

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