The famous drum break from Phil Collins' 1981 single "In the Air Tonight" has gained new life as the soundtrack to a serious of humorous short videos.

You can see 14 of these videos below.

The clips typically fall into one of two categories. Many are centered around painful-looking falls and crashes, with the actual sounds of incident replacing or augmenting the drum part. Stairway falls are well-represented in this category, although one of the best features a child crashing his bike into a series of trash cans.

The second category finds people intentionally replicating the drum break with everything from toolboxes to kitchen cabinets to an absolutely adorable puppy.

How Eric Clapton Reacted the First Time He Heard 'In the Air Tonight'

In a 2016 interview with Digital Trends, Collins revealed what happened when another famous rock star first heard "In the Air Tonight." "When we had Eric Clapton and some of his guys come up to the studio, we played 'In the Air Tonight' for them. When the drums came in, everybody said, 'F---ING HELL! What the f--- is that?' Nobody had ever heard anything like that. Frankly, drums were never that loud. But it was my album, and it worked," Collins declared. "We were playing with psychological things. The audience is there going along with you, and then suddenly you knock them on the head with this thing: Bvoom-bvoom!"
Released in January 1981 as the first single from Collins' debut solo album Face Value, "In the Air Tonight" reached No. 19 on the Billboard pop charts, helping the album sell over five million copies.

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