A truck collision led to an unexpected fireworks display on the Trans-Canada Highway last week.



Unplanned Firework Show

A tractor-trailer collided with a pickup truck towing a trailer loaded with fireworks near Hope, British Columbia. Following the collision, the fireworks started detonating, creating a dazzling spectacle for bystanders.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police reported that the accident occurred around 10:00 p.m. on Highway 1, about six miles west of Hope. The night sky provided a dramatic backdrop for the ensuing pyrotechnics. As a result, the eastbound lanes were engulfed in brilliant light, forcing motorists to a standstill until the display ceased an hour later.

Drivers and Injuries

Both drivers involved in the crash escaped without serious injury, although one was taken to hospital with minor injuries. A bystander, Chantal Shaw, described to CTV the scenes of loud and massive explosions as she filmed from the safety of her car.

Video Of The Firework Crash

In the aftermath, it was discovered that the pickup truck was burnt out in a roadside ditch while the tractor-trailer had strayed off the highway and struck a boulder. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are now investigating the incident. The article concludes by advising the safe transportation of fireworks in spark-proof containers to prevent such accidents.

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