What's your worst delivery experience?  I don't care if the driver punched you in the face, this is worse . . .

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Not The Drink He Ordered

A man from Saratoga, Utah, Caleb Wood, says he received an unpleasant surprise when his Grubhub order turned out to be a cup of urine instead of the milkshake he'd ordered. The incident, captured on his home security camera, shows Wood's confrontation with the driver after discovering the disgusting mistake.

“When I started eating my meal upon delivery, I put a straw in my cup that was delivered and took a sip,” he told ABC4. “I soon discovered that the cup delivered to me from the Grubhub driver was a warm cup of urine.”

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The driver admitted that he had confused two cups in his vehicle, explaining his unsanitary practice of relieving himself during long shifts.

Reaching Out To GrubHub

Upon discovering what he had ingested, Wood felt ill and reached out to Grubhub. The food delivery company, however, reportedly took four days to respond, eventually refunding him $18, only the cost of the food, without refunding the delivery fee or the tip he'd given.

“They refunded like $18, the actual cost of the food,” Wood said. “They didn’t refund the delivery fee or the tip that I gave.”


In response to ABC4's inquiries, Grubhub stated that the incident was unacceptable and had resulted in the immediate termination of the driver's contract. They promised to follow up with an apology to Wood and further training for their customer representative.

“We took immediate action with the driver and ended his contract with us,” the company said in a statement. “We’re following up with the customer to apologize and are coaching the representative who was previously in touch with the customer.”


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