Not everybody celebrates Halloween, some for religious reasons, some for personal reasons, and some who just downright hate the holiday and the fun the kids have.

The Raleigh Police Department arrested a man Tuesday for pointing a gun at children who were trick-or-treating in a Hedingham neighborhood.


At 7:15pm, police responded to an assault in the 4900 block of Royal Adelaide Way.

Responding officers located the suspect, 43-year-old Daniel Graham, and placed him in custody immediately.

Graham is also accused of smacking a basket of candy out of a child's hand and onto the ground. According to the court documents and a warrant, officers thought Graham appeared to be intoxicated, the argument of which was reinforced by the smell of alcohol from outside the home.

He's been charged with multiple charges.

Raleigh Police Department
Raleigh Police Department
  • Misdemeanor assault by pointing a gun
  • Misdemeanor assault by pointing a gun
  • Misdemeanor assault by pointing a gun
  • Misdemeanor assault on child under 12

The neighbor who called 911 spoke with the local news, WRAL, and had a lot to say.

"I noticed a couple of kids walking away from the house in question," he said. "Two of them were crying."

He said he watched as the kids got into a car with their father, and spotted Graham leaning in the car door saying "Keep it moving, keep it moving."

"He was turned to the side and leaning in the car door, and in his hand, it was obviously a gun," the neighbor said.

The neighbor said Graham held the gun down by his side.

"It looked like the most inviting house on the street," the neighbor said.

"He was offering the father of the children to come in the house and have a beer with him," he said. "It's odd at best."

The neighbor said from what he could see, Graham knocked something out of the kids' hands.

Read more at WRAL

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