The stories of the Rock & Roll Mansion reach far and wide.  And we're not talking about the crazy things from the current radio stations in the building or even that of the many, many, many, former DJs that have graced the hallways.

No, the stories are about before it became home to the finest group of radio stations and was a funeral home.  Almost every person that has been in the building long enough has some kind of sighting story.

And while many crazy things happen outside the building, these below encounters came from the folks at and just add more to the legend of the Rock & Roll Mansion.

A mixed group of people checked the building from top to bottom.

There was a large group of folks that came to the building on October 8, 2022.  After a top to bottom tour, I went to my office to write a corporate report.  Sure that was a great read for them at 11:00 at night on the weekend.

From there, Investigators: Minda, Nikki, Bella, Amy, Ryan, Gail, Dez, Greg, Tammy, Peg, Kevin, Josh, Topher, and Selina had the building to themselves to explore.  The group ranges from sensitives/mediums to skeptics, with many levels of experience and expertise.

The investigation of the Rock & Roll Mansion.

The majority of this short two-hour investigation took place in the basement. As we got down to the basement, one investigator caught a young girl singing the alphabet song on her digital recorder. She then caught something similar to a growl or grown when the elevator was mentioned. We believe the basement was the center of operations for the goriest part of the funerary profession, and more activity has been reported here than anywhere else in the building. The focus for many of us was on a room with numbers on the walls that were said to be body storage areas. The most commonly used equipment used were: K2 meters, laser grids, spirit boxes and cameras.

Amy and Nikki Using The Estes Method

Amy and Nikki began with an Estes method session in this room. (The Estes Method involves 2 people, noise-canceling headphones, and a spirit box. One person plugs the headphones into the spirit box to hear any answers that come through the box but they cannot hear the questions the other person asks. As words come through the spirit box, the person with the headphones says the answers out loud as they hear them, and the person asking the question writes down the words being said.) The general impression was that a lot of people were trying to talk at one time, and we attempted to ask for one person to speak. The sessions began with a list of names. Topher (one of our mediums) later said he heard a “role call” of names when walking into the room, “Brian, Stacy, Charles, Troy, James, etc.”  Interesting to note that he got the name Troy without actually being in the room when the name Troy was mentioned during the Spirit Box session. The name Jim was also mentioned by Topher after it was mentioned by Nikki before Topher even got to the room.

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There were vague/evasive answers throughout the session. Nikki thought her session appeared to be with a prodding, sarcastic, slightly misogynistic man who self-identified as “Troy”. She received answers such as, “Come on!”, “Riiiiight,” “Honey,” “Men,” and “Listen”. He seemed to begin to tell a story, but became defensive when asked for details. Amy noted later that the words, “Tree,” “Touch,” “Blood,” “Take it…the car” could form a narrative about a man who crashed a car into a tree and killed the woman in his passenger seat(“Becky”). There appeared to be admissions of guilt and trauma: (Phrases like, “It’s the soul”, “She’s not ready,” “Soul,” and “Lord, help me”). The most poignant response came when he was asked, “Are you trapped here?” There was an immediate response of, “You’re damn right, I am!”

TIme for Amy to ask the questions.

As Amy took over questioning, the session was much the same, except with no distinct personalities coming through. There were a lot of requests for help, mentions of God, and requests to pray. However, the voices would not elaborate on the reason for these requests. Nikki felt that the spirit box was very unclear most of the time, giving silly answers as often as it did relevant ones. It might not be cycling fast enough, as it was possible to hear snatches of music and voices that were clearly radio announcers.

Onto the "body room" of the basement.

Body slot #9 was an area of interest throughout the night. Nikki felt drawn to it, asking Gail to place a cat ball below it before the Estes session. Topher, without knowledge of that, later mentioned he thought the woman who was “dropped” was placed in this slot.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

During the latter part of the Estes session, Topher entered the room began to pick up on different energies. He stated, “There’s a tall man in here who is really tall. Was too tall for his coffin, so they broke his legs. They still feel broken.” He believed this energy was attached to body slot #4. Bella stated that someone was touching her hair. As everyone moved on to other locations, a feeling of overwhelming sadness came over Minda. It should be noted that, before the investigation, Amy stated she felt tearful for no reason. All participants knew they were going to a former funeral home, but this does not diminish the experience. Sometimes energy hangs in a place and can be felt by even those who don’t know its history.

A room in the basement that had so much negative energy.

A room to the right of and behind the stairs gave Nikki and Gail physical symptoms. Nikki felt her heart pounding and shortness of breath upon seeing it. When Nikki and Gail entered the room, they felt dizziness or a sense of being underwater. Nikki had to step out. Topher, again without knowledge of this, said there was an “uncomfortable” woman lingering in that space. She had been sexually assaulted and was not welcoming of any intruders.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Don't use the bathroom in the basement.

There was a bathroom in the basement where a woman in white is said to appear in the mirror. Selina, Tammy, Amy, and Nikki focused on this for a few minutes. Selina’s phone camera showed what she felt were orbs, but what some others felt might be dust. The concentration was thick and almost gave the impression of snowfall or a bubble machine.

What's that in the window?

Peg captured a picture of a woman in a window wearing a habit or mourning weeds. We did have to zoom in quite a bit to see this, and face pareidolia is possible. However, it was quite striking.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

It's not just the basement of the Rock & Roll Mansion

Near the end of the night, Topher faced an aggressive man in the lobby; when given boundaries, he chose to walk away rather than speak to Topher. Topher mentioned he thought there was a spirit whose body had been brought to the mortuary whose negative, controlling energy is keeping spirits from speaking or moving on. Do not know if this info was based on sessions in the basement. He also mentioned he thought the man’s behavior was a consequence of his loneliness and desperation, rather than deliberate ill-will. This incident was witnessed by three different people.

The "baby room" in the mansion.

During the initial walk through, one of the group members felt something push her away from a specific room. The room was the “baby room” where infants were dressed and readied. This particular group member has a history of miscarriages, and something “protected” her from entering that room unprepared for the possible overwhelming feelings she might experience from being in there. Two group members also experienced rancid smells on that floor on the opposite side of the floor where new offices had been created (opposite of the baby room).

One team member heard footsteps on the first floor while in the basement and the rest of the team was downstairs. While sitting on the third stair of the staircase up to the second floor she encountered a gentleman who walked up behind me on the stairs. He was dressed in a dark suit, glasses, a slender build, graying hair, and a shallow jawline. Later in the night, she was speaking to a spirit in the basement, in the room where the file cabinets are, she asked if they had talked upstairs and over the Spirit Box the word,” stairs” came across. A few seconds later on our audio the word ”stairs” can be heard as a whisper.  In the corner of the same room later on she was drawn to the right corner and held out her hand and felt the gentleman.  Her hand began to tingle and have a static charge. He was sad and lonely.  She told him it was OK and that they were friends. Over the Spirit Box came the word “friends. “

The Spirit Box said “bathroom “ so she asked if one of us was supposed to go to the bathroom of which the response was “ Yea.” She left and as told the spirits to keep talking with two other group members. After she returned they told her that the laser grid tuned off. It proceeded to turn on and off on command every time they asked it to and continued the rest of the night. The laser grid had never shut off or come on randomly before that night and hasn’t done it since. We even put a second one out and had no problems and took a good look at the one and found nothing changed on it.  We also used cat balls (EMF detectors) and they would respond when asked. We have video to show this.

A lot of experiences in a lot of places with a lot of different entities.

One of our mediums walked in on another medium standing in the doorway repeating the phrase “I know what happened here” after some talk with him and their combined readings they came to the conclusion there was a woman in some sort of distress. He explained that they were just there to hear her story and help her if they could, to which she responded “I don’t want your help”

In the basement as a whole, one medium felt pressure in his stomach and chest like he was being cut open for an autopsy. Several times he felt a cold pain in which it was like it was happening, the rest it felt like a dull pain, almost residual and scar-like

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

One medium encountered a Latina woman who died in childbirth looking for her baby, lost, confused, praying for help. She was saying a common Mexican prayer so she might have been Mexican however her origin is unknown (hence the broader: Latina)

The same medium, while going through his notes and finishing things up to send received the name “Benjamin”. Sometimes post investigation information will continue to come through and it was while he was going over his notes. Until he can get back in the space he doesn’t think he will have confirmation as to whether or not this Ben is tied to the Rock & Roll Mansion or if it is residual to his home or even a random spirit trying to talk to him.

The good news is, none of us working at the Rock & Roll Mansion are in danger.

Overall, everyone had some sort of experience, whether it was personal or involving equipment. The overall feeling is that the energy is NOT harmful or malevolent, but more confused or just indifferent. Some, like Troy in the basement, seem to want their story heard.  Just like living that turn on a mic every day from the Rock and Roll Mansion.

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