Working in the Rock & Roll Mansion has its upsides for sure.  It's a really cool old building.  It's an old funeral home that was repurposed into a radio station.  Right by my office was the choir loft where they would sing during services.  When I first got to the Quad Cities, instead of a big truck with the radio station's logo on it, we would drive an actual hearse.
attachment-Funeral Cars - Brady Street CROPPED
Some downsides might include the inability to record without hearing everyone in the hallways having lengthy conversations...

Oh.  And the ghosts.

It's been well documented that our building has something paranormal going on in it.  And if that's interesting to you, you're going to love this upcoming expo!

Paranormal Expo

Check out the Quad Cities Psychic & Paranormal Expo happening on November 19th and 20th, 2022 at the RiverCenter in Davenport, Ia.
The Quad Cities Psychic & Paranormal Expo is one of the best expos in the midwest featuring over 40 vendors to shop from.
Plus they'll have psychics, medium, paranormal teams, haunted locations, healings, reiki, reflexology, stones, gems, drums, tarot cards, shamans, candles, herbs, books and SO much more!
Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

 Guest Speakers

Speakers may include ghost hunters, gallery readings, learning about intuition, etc.- all for no extra charge, but seating is limited for speakers- first come, first served.

Event Details

Saturday, November 19th from 10AM-6PM
Sunday, November 20th from 10AM-5PM
Admission to the expo is only $5 per day which also gets you in to the presentations and speakers throughout the day for no extra charge!
Be sure to check the “Psychic and Paranormal Expo Group” for some extra spooky fun.

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