Just recently, my wife and I were talking about how even though our swimming pool is still functional and it's a high of 83 degrees today...we're kinda just over summer.
The kids are back in school, we're planning football games on Friday nights at the high school, and we feel it's time to get into the fall season.  Probably in part because there are some really great-looking horror movies out on the streaming platforms.  (Prey on Hulu has gotten my interest)

It's Time For Halloween

Now, I'm not one to leap over holidays just to get to the one that I like.  You won't see me put up my Christmas decorations without consideration about Thanksgiving.  But sometimes when the mood strikes you have to do what you love.  And I love Halloween.
So, let's plan something different this Halloween season.  Perhaps instead of a "Haunted House" with obviously fake characters chasing you with a chainsaw with no chain...maybe we get a little more real.  A little more paranormal.

Haunted Hauberg Estate

Are you prepared to communicate with the other side?
The Haunted Hauberg Estate and its ghosts are ready to meet you...are you ready to meet them?

Spirits & Bites

Spirits & Bites is happening this Saturday, August 20, 2022, where you'll get a full paranormal investigation of the Mansion, Carriage House, and the grounds.  Not only that you'll also get dinner and a FREE tarot reading with Ryan Sumpter.

Ticket Info and Payment

Tickets are just $40 and all proceeds go to Friends of Hauberg Civic Center. QC Haunts & History is donating its time to raise funds for this beautiful historic location.
You can pay with cash or check or pay online here.

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