The Cleveland Browns had a solid victory against the Cincinnati Bengals in their season opener on Sunday, but the players weren't the only ones making some stellar passes.

Andrew Butts (yes, that's really his name - and no, I don't think his dad's name is Seymour) was hanging out along the Cuyahoga River pregaming for the game, when they saw the freighter American Courage coming by, and because of the few beers, they had a great idea.

“A friend of mine sees the ship passing and yells, ‘hey man, wanna beer?’ Guy says, ‘absolutely but you can’t make that throw,'” Butts told Fox8. “I’m like, ‘challenge accepted.’ He tosses me a Garage Beer, and I put a seed on the guy … I put it right on him.”

In the video, you can see Butts hurl a can of beer out into the river, and hit his receiver, David Lieberman, who was standing on the freighter. The crowd went wild when Lieberman caught the can.

imfromcleveland via TikTok
imfromcleveland via TikTok

David Lieberman shared photo proof of the beer sitting on the freighter, telling Butts "I bet you you wouldn’t make it and you did, so I need to pay up.”

Butts - who is also credited for the infamous "Super Bowl, Super Browns" catchphrase used within the fanbase, said his throwing ability goes back to his days of playing football in high school.

Check out the full throw here:

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