This year alone, dozens of states had attempts made to end Daylights Saving Time (DST). It turns out, 55% of Midwesterners want to get rid of the practice that's been around since 1918.

In November 2019, Illinois State Senator Andy Manar introduced Senate Bill 533, a bill that would end DST for the state. The amendment reads "daylight saving time shall be the year-round standard time of the entire State.”

For the bill to take action, the state has to get federal approval. "The only two ways that it can change in Illinois, ultimately, even with this bill becoming law, is either Congress gives us an exemption as a state or Congress implements a uniform standard presumably different than what we have nationwide,” Manar said.

DST has been found to be directly linked to health problems, due to the loss of that hour of sleep.

What would this mean for the Quad Cities?

It is my understanding, if you live in Iowa, and work in Illinois and have to be at work at 7am, you'd usually leave about 6:40am to get to work. Half of the year, you'll have to leave your at 5:40am to get to work by 7am.

Hopefully management will be understanding for half of the year.

Read more at Illinois Policy

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