'Tis the season for hitting up haunted houses and ghost hunting. However, if you want a truly paranormal experience, check out Edinburgh Manor.

Located just south of Monticello, Iowa in Scotch Grove, Edinburgh Manor is considered the most haunted location in the state and quite possibly the Midwest as a whole.

Edinburgh was founded as the Jones County Poor Farm back in 1850 and operated until 1910. Poor, insane, and disabled folks were given shelter and food in return for their labor on the farm. In those 60 years, their were over 80 deaths documented on the property.

After being shutdown, the farm was demolished and Edinburgh Manor was built over it. The Manor continued to house the incurably insane, poor people, and elderly. The last patients and employees left the building in November of 2010.

In 2012 the Manor was opened up to paranormal investigations after the current owners began hearing clanging in the hallways when alone and would catch silhouettes out of the corner of their eyes. The medical documents and various personal belongings from old residents are still in the Manor.

Paranormal Encounters dedicated an episode to Edinburgh Manor, check it out:

If you're interested in conducting your own paranormal investigation, Edinburgh Manor offers daytime tours and, for the especially brave, overnight stays.

The daytime tours take about an hour or two to get through and only costs $10 per person. Overnight visits cost a minimum of $200 per night, groups of five or more are $40 per person.

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