I literally put gas in my car twice yesterday.  Both times were painful.

Living in Illinois and working in Iowa has not always been ideal.  Those pesky bridges have been an issue since the beginning of time.   Whether it's a barge opening the span on the Arsenal, the old 74 bridge causing a backup, or new construction...now we have to potentially look out for bison?

But now, that the new I-74 bridge is smooth as silk, I tend to enjoy crossing the river to save a few bucks on gas.  Though, that didn't happen when I thought it would.

The Dreaded Low Fuel Light

In fact, as I was on my way to work I was so low on fuel that I panicked and had to pull into (swallows hard) an Illinois gas station!

  • The good news is...I only needed a small amount to get me into Iowa where I could get cheaper gas.
  • The bad news is...I ended up spacing out and putting $20 in instead of the originally planned $5.
Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash
Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Gas In Iowa Hit an All-Time High

I think we all clench a little tighter these days as that "Low Fuel" light comes on. The average price of regular gasoline reached a record high at $4.12 a gallon in Iowa, according to AAA.

But I suppose if we're being "glass is half full" type people (which we're not) at least we're not as high as the national average at $4.40.

Koehler Urges Higher Gas Prices
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Let's Remember When...

Just to put things in perspective, the average cost of a gallon of gas last month was $3.80.

A year ago, it was $2.87, but we really don't need to talk about that.

Photo by Brian Lundquist on Unsplash
Photo by Brian Lundquist on Unsplash

Inappropriate And Funny Bumper Stickers in the Quad Cities

Yes, these car stickers have actually been spotted in the Quad Cities.

Museums Within Driving Distance of the Quad Cities

"There isn't a museum I won't go to. The stupider, the better."
Michaels' statement this morning sent us into a good hour of discussion about museums within driving distance of the Quad Cities. Our listening family has clued us in on little hole-in-the-wall museums we never even knew existed, and they're just a hop, skip and a jump away from us. 
Here's our highlights.

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