Recently, an anonymous donor had pledged $2 million to support the Bison Bridge Foundation and could be considering another $2 million gift.  This news comes as Illinois and Iowa DOTs seek public input to be considered as they look to move forward or decide against the new QC tourism plan.

It seems Chad Pregracke's idea of having Bison take over the old I-80 bridge is pretty well received but there are a few good questions that need to be answered (as well as some dumb ones that need to be pushed aside, as with any public forum).

The argument for the Bison Bridge animal crossing:

  • Cuts down on vehicle/animal collisions
  • Brings back indigenous animals to the area, like bison
  • Increases tourism in the area

The argument against the Bison Bridge animal crossing:

  • Removing the Mississippi as a natural barrier for animal disease & invasive species
  • Animals won't use the bridge because it'll be too windy
  • Too expensive for the taxpayers
  • Kids will climb the fence to enter the bison area

I'm no scientist, so I can't speak to how disease, insects, or vegetation spread but I do know this is a privately funded project.

If you've got questions or concerns about the Bison Bridge they are hosting a public meeting at an I-80 Mississippi River Bridge Public Meeting Wednesday, May 11th, at 4pm.

The Illinois Department of Transportation, in partnership with the Iowa Department of Transportation, is hosting a Public Meeting as part of the I-80 Mississippi River Bridge study. The study includes approximately six miles from the I-88/I-80 interchange in Illinois to SW 35th Street in Bettendorf, Iowa. You are encouraged to attend the meeting to learn more about study findings to date, and provide comment on potential improvement alternatives.


How To Attend The Bison Bridge Public Meeting

You can register and attend virtually here.  You can learn more about the Bison Bridge project at and on Facebook/Bison Bridge Foundation

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