This morning, an Iowa State Trooper stopped a car on Highway 61 for speeding. The car was going 123 mph. As far as I know, the highest speed on that road is 70mph.


I got a ticket a few years back for going 20 over, right where the speed dropped from 70 to 55. I was told I was supposed to go to jail for speeding that much, but he'd let me go since he didn't see any other tickets on my record, but he did give me a ticket. $380. I can't imagine what this fool got. I'd imagine it's close to $1000, and I bet he's definitely losing his license.

We're in a society that values getting to a location as fast as possible, forgetting about the safety of everyone else on the road. There's nobody more important than me, myself, and I. But does speeding really save you time? Obviously yes, but is the time you're saving really worth the possibility of fines, worth the injuries, worth losing your license and your car over?

Most people typically go 5-10mph over the posted limit, but in the grand scheme, you're not saving very much time. In the QC, most people aren't traveling 10 miles to their location, more like 2-3 miles. The amount of time you're saving by going 20 over on Brady street isn't going to save you more than a minute or so. When you're saving a minute, you're risking decades of your life, and everyone else on the road.

I cannot believe how uncaring drivers in our area have become. I was talking with an old friend of mine, a 77 year old. He's been in 2 minor accidents his whole life until about six weeks ago. He was stopped in a parking lot waiting for a spot, when another vehicle backed into the broadside of his brand new van, denting and scratching the doors. He got his van back from the shop, but two days later he'd be in for another wake up call when he was turning right on a two lane road when a vehicle tried to pass him on the right mid-turn, resulting in a replaced bumper and fender. It doesn't stop there, two weeks passed, van was fixed again, and sitting still at a stop light he was the final car in a three car accident.

Three accidents, none at fault. 

We're so obsessed with speed, so consumed by our devices, and so consumed by ourselves that we have stopped caring about those around us.

Slow down, you'll get there. Arrive there alive.

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