When Robby Lanz was involved in a three-wheeler accident back in 2002, he was given only 24 hours to live. After a three-month-long coma he woke up with a brain injury and partial paralysis.

One of Robby's projects that was expected to go unfinished was the restoration of his 1978 Chevy Camaro. That is until Shawn Maine of Midwest Rod and Restoration in Wapello took over.

With the help of Robby's family, Shawn took the car out of storage and restored it to pristine condition, free of charge. At Chief Wapello Days Robby's family and friends gathered around him as he was lead to a covered car.

“I thought, boy there must be something special,” Robby said. Shawn pulled the cover back to reveal the dark blue Camaro that the two had discussed restoring in the past.

Robby has owned the car since high school, where Shawn first noticed it and wanted to buy it. The owner sat in his car for the first time in a long time before scooting over so Shawn could drive him around.

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