A 25-year-old man from Larchwood, Iowa was arrested last weekend in the early hours, found fast asleep in the middle of an intersection.

Lyon County Sheriff’s Office released a statement regarding an incident from 4:25am Sunday, July 2nd in Larchwood.

Officials say a 911 caller reported that a man was laying in the middle of the road, which was obviously a danger since it was still dark outside.

Officers responding found 25-year-old Lane Andrew Schreurs laying in the intersection of Highway 9 and Birch Avenue about two miles northwest of Larchwood, the Lyon County Sheriff's Office said.

Schreurs woke and said he was traveling from a wedding reception at Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort, where he had decided to walk because he knew he was in no condition to drive.

The thing is, he'd made it pretty far before he finally fell asleep in the intersection. The Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort is about 5 miles northwest of the intersection he fell asleep in.

Schreurs told officers he'd been drinking pretty heavily and exhibited physical indicators of consuming intoxicants, according to the incident report.

The same day, Schreurs pleaded guilty the same day in Lyon County District Court in Rock Rapids, and was ordered to pay a $250 fine, a $37.50 surcharge, and $60 in court-related costs.

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