The Loeffler family from Cedar Rapids appeared on Tuesday's episode of Family Feud and they won, which took them to Wednesday's episode.

Not only did the Loefflers make it to the final round, they won $10,000, and then appeared on the Wednesday episode. They won the game, but they came up with a total of 175 of the needed 200 points to win Fast Money.

They'll have another chance at the cash on Thursday's episode of the show.

If you're in the Quad Cities, catch their THIRD round of Family Feud at 3:00pm on Fox18!

Pat Loeffler is a Cedar Rapids City Council Member and he and his family own Corner Store Apothecary and Wellness in Cedar Rapids.

We talked with him this Wednesday on the morning show.

He's joined by his wife, Kymm, daughters Bri and Alyssa, and son, Jordan on the show.

Pat told The Gazette that filming the show took about three hours to film at the studio in Atlanta, but they spent four days in the area bonding and sightseeing as a family.

Pat and Kymm applied for the show in 2014, and went through auditions and interviews, finally making it to the live interviews in 2016. The next step was to be on the show, but COVID stopped that process dead in its tracks.

Eventually, the family received an email, asking if the family was still interested in an appearance on the show. Of course, they were.

“I just can’t wait to talk more about it,” Loeffler told The Gazette. “It was such a great experience. There was that family camaraderie and it really brought our family closer together.”

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