A debate has been raging on the Internet for years over whether hot dogs are sandwiches or not. Now, more fuel has been thrown on the fire.

The Washington Post has come out and said that a hot dog is technically a taco.

Then you break it down to the core and only look at the most basic parts, a sandwich is to pieces of any starch with any filling in between. So a hot dog wouldn't qualify because it's filling between just one, folded starch. That makes a hot dog a taco.

The madness doesn't stop there. They figured out a few more "foods that are really other foods" to blow your mind:

  • Enchiladas are sushi.
  • Cherry pie is a bread bowl.
  • Corn dogs, jelly donuts, and Pop-Tarts are calzones.
  • Fried rice and poutine are salads.
  • A vanilla soy latte is a three-bean soup.

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