A woman in Griffith, Indiana told police that she got a call from an employee of Broad Street Gyros asking if she'd return an order of cheese sticks that she'd received for free.

That's when she noticed that her take-out order had a small baggie of cocaine hidden in a foam cup. The employee who contacted her asked for her address and promised to “hook her up.”

Police searched the restaurant with a drug-detecting dog and found no drugs, but it did detect a drug presence in a few locations. The dog was interested in multiple spots like the business office and a sink in the women's bathroom.

Broad Street Gyros owner Carrie Demoff admitted to police that she “did a line and toked a few times” while at work. After the Town Council suspended the restaurant's business license, she said: “I have no idea what happened and they didn't find anything.”

So far nobody has admitted to putting cocaine in the food order and authorities plan on looking at surveillance footage.

Read more at Chicago Tribune.

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