This is one of my favorite anniversaries of the year.  On this date in 1976, a cocky young musician who was perhaps

Getty Images / Sachs Media Group

beginning to get too "self-assured" tried to jump the wall at Graceland and tried to knock on the front door to meet Elvis.  Security stopped him before he could get to the door, and they politely explained that Elvis was in Lake Tahoe, and then politely escorted him off the premises.   That cocky young musician ...??  Bruce Springsteen.

Bruce had just played a concert in Memphis earlier that night, and decided to "cab it" to Graceland and meet Elvis.  There was a light on in an upstairs window, so Bruce gave it his best Axel Foley attempt, but he was intercepted before he got to the porch.  He tried explaining that he had recently been on the cover of Time and Newsweek magazines and that he was a "star" ... but security wasn't impressed.  They did not have him arrested though, so that was nice.  Bruce later admitted he had no idea what he would've asked him, had he opened the door, but then again ... would you?