Of all my 41 years, I've only spent about 3 years in a residence with central air.  Growing up we had AC in my parent's room.  So I would move my twin mattress to their bedroom floor and soak it in or sleep in the renovated garage/family room while the rest of the house was an oven.

We moved into the house we're in now because we loved the land it was on.  Just under 7 acres and no neighbors  (along with a couple cool barns) was worth us losing central air.

Until it wasn't.

Blankets stapled to the top of the trim to keep the AC escaping into the kitchen.  Pocket doors blocking off the dining room and kids piled on my bedroom floor.  It is just as uncomfortable as it is familiar.

It's time to change that.

Time to bring The Stage's into the 21st century!  O'Dell Heating & Air are the heroes in this story!  They are here this morning to help cool down this old farmhouse.  Just in time, too! 92 this Saturday? 91 on Sunday?



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