Noah Smith from Rockton, Illinois will spend all day, every day riding on the dirt bike track behind his house, often times needing to be told to eat. The fun is too distracting.

When he's blasting around the track, you'll immediately notice one major feature about him: His hair.

Noah is sporting a Grade A mullet, going down far enough to rest on his shoulder.

The 12-year-old has been working on the hairdo for a few years now.

"In fourth or fifth grade I started and I had a rat tail and in sixth grade I cut that off and just started the mullet," Noah told WREX.

The mullet was just for his own personal enjoyment, until Noah's parents came across and ad on Facebook.

"We saw the USA Mullet Championships were hosting a kids division. We thought our kid has a mullet so let's go for it," Jamie Smith, Noah's mom, said.

For the inaugural kids division of the competition, around 100 applicants were narrowed down to 10, with Noah making the final cut.

His mom has named his style the "Freedom Flapper," a moniker that's as patriotic as Noah.

"He's all about the USA. He loves flags. He's a big supporter of the military and then just the fact that the mullet is flapping behind him really solidifies that name that they gave him," Jamie said.

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