By now you probably have seen the update on the Carson King saga. In fact we discussed it in length this morning, and can be heard below.

Well, just when we thought there wouldn't be any new developments, the Geneseo Brewing Company in Geneseo, IL just put out a statement saying that, "We have witnessed the growth through your later social media content and accept your apology. We believe that your selfless act of raising funds for the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital is truly a noble act. We as an Independent Craft Beer Company would like to continue your efforts by naming a new pilsner "Iowa Legend" and donating a dollar from every pint and 16-ounce can purchased to your cause until the batch is sold out."

That's pretty cool, especially coming from a company in Illinois. Here I thought it was just Iowans squabbling about Carson King, but it seems that it has grown into a story that affects more people than we could imagine.

Here's the full statement from the Geneseo Brewing Company, stop out and have a pint in support of Carson King.

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