I had another great time at The Mississippi Valley Fair.  Hanging out by the 97X tent, goofing around with listeners, giving away all the t-shirts in the 97X vault.  The grandstand shows brought some pretty big names through our nice little spot on the map.

Yet, somehow, the conversation always seems to end with somebody saying, in between bites of a $5 ear of corn, that Fun Cards are too expensive.  I just can't continue to nod and pretend that's even remotely true.

The Fun Card for the MVF gets you into the fair any of the days, and also to the grandstand acts at night.  6 days and nights.  The cost varied, depending on when and what you bought.  $75, $90, or $100 were the prices I believe attached to the fun card this year.  And like every year, some of the folks I talk to act like they are getting pickpocketed.

I glanced at 3 of the acts this year, just for variety, and checked their ticket prices for a single show ticket in their tours this week:

Pitbull 79.95. Shinedown 50.00. Jason Aldean 40.00.  I know you know where I'm going, but I thought it might mean more if you could see it in black and white.  Pitbull alone (BTW a GREAT addition to the fair line-up) would justify the cost of a fun card at any price.  Add the other two acts, and you're at almost $200.00, for the low low price of even $100.00.

And there were three more shows.  Fun Cards get bought, borrowed, traded, and they're still a great bargain.  I know some of the behind the scenes moves the fair board has to make to keep the acts fresh, and affordable.  And I gotta say, the "Fun Card is too pricey" line is just getting stale.  About as stale as the $12.00 Philly Cheesesteak sandwich you're eating.

I can't wait to see what the MVF has cooked up for us for next year!

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