I've been in dire need of a new guitar for quite a while.  But, here's the deal: I'm a Cheap Ass.  So, I got by with what I had...which happened to be my wife's guitar.  It's a lower level Ovation, but any Ovation is going to sound good plugged in.  Unplugged?  It sounds like a plastic toy guitar.

So, now that I've been playing fairly regularly with Folk n' Stages as well as my solo gigs, I decided I needed a guitar.  I went through the proper protocol, research online, play a few in a couple different stores, asking the wife for...not so much as permission, but her blessing (it was permission).

I found a great sounding guitar, a Martin, last night that I then read all about, researched & watched youtube reviews.  I was prepared to lay down the money this morning.  On my way to pick it up, I remembered a little shop that Leo Kelly (Wicked Liz & The Bellyswirls) had posted about.  So, I got on Facebook & searched for directions.

It's just a tiny office space just off Jersey Ridge & 53rd called AM Guitar Works.  The owner, Alan was super helpful & tuned the guitars as I picked a few off the wall.  There's a couple things I like when choosing guitars: feel & sound.  "Look" is not quite as important...but if it's sounds amazing, feels amazing, but has a Hello Kitty logo on it, I'm probably going to pass.

So, I, already in love with this Martin guitar I ran into yesterday...fell in love with a Takemine.  I tried 5 different guitars off the wall and kept coming back to the GD51CE. Plugged in it sounds great, unplugged it sounds and plays even better.

Thanks to Alan Morrison at AM Guitar Works for all the help & I'm proud to support such a great local small business.  I will be returning!

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