Hairball and I have been working for what seems like an eternity to track down a PlayStation 5, and we (well, I) finally found one. We've watched live-streams of stock notifications, constantly checked third party inventory sites (that probably left a virus or two on my laptop). We split up and started hitting different stores, where we fell just short of the cutoff.

I ended up getting mine at Walmart this morning, so now I'm ready to give my tips. I asked Dwyer & Michaels if I could go just to, you know, report on the situation, and somehow ended up with a voucher, so I decided it was best to do some investigative reporting.

PS5 Excursion

Obviously we always could've gone the eBay route, where they're selling for 2-3 times what they're worth. 

If I had to give a guide, here's what it'd be:

Subscribe to a PS5 Stock Alert Twitter Account

There's plenty of them out there, and the more you get notified the better because not everyone that runs these pages can be one top of it because (I hope) they have other things to do.

@PS5StockAlerts. They provide the notification when sales go live and even link to the sale in the Tweet, so if you turn your notifications on, you'll be able to get it in your cart within 3 clicks of the Tweet going out.

You're on your own for the other Twitter pages, because Hairball still needs one. Another honorable mention is r/PS5restock, which is a community based stock alert system.

Third-Party Inventory Checkers

There's two different third-party stock checkers, which will show the stock within a specified range of a zipcode.

The first is BrickSeek, which I used to check Walmart. It's easy to use, just use the SKU finder, and it tells you an approximate amount of stocked items.

There's also PopFindr, a website originally intended to help track down the collectible FunkoPop figurines, but has lately been repurposed to be used to check stock for PlayStations.

It's the same deal as BrickSeek, pick a product, punch in your zip code, and select a radius around you. Popfindr checks Target, GameStop, Sams Club, and Best Buy's stock, refreshing constantly to tell you who has what, and how many.


Don't Be Afraid to Ask

Don't be afraid to ask employees if they know anything. They hear it all day long, so just be sure to be the nicest person that's asked today. Through doing this, we found out that if you ask GameStop on Monday or Tuesday, they'll let you know if they have any stock en-route for the remainder of the week. The same will work most stores, who'll be able to tell you what's coming in and headed out.

Good luck to you, and if you don't get one before the end of the year, just know they should be on shelves soon.

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