Here are some steps that you can take to create an at-home fireworks display that will impress your family, friends, and neighbors. Or in my case, the guy across the lake.

For years I've doing a fireworks show up in Wisconsin and every year it's been a contest between me and the guy that lives across the lake. This is a skill I learned to one-up him.

By chaining your mortars and shells together on one fuse, you save time and are able to launch multiple fireworks at a time. I'll warn you though, the process is pretty labor intensive but the payoff is worth it. Check out this video I found, the guy does a pretty good job explaining how to do it:

For more resources, check out Skylighter. They have a number of blogs that teach you how to chain fuses together and how to make mortar racks that are safe and functional.

You should be very careful when doing anything with fireworks. In fact, I recommend you don't do any modifications to the fuses. This blog is for entertainment purposes only!

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