In "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation", Clark Griswold dressed his house in 25,000 lights. That would have to cost a ton, right? Well, Estately figured out how much it would cost in each state.

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They did it for both incandescent lights, which Clark used, and LED lights, which are a lot more common these days. The difference is insane. They also did it per month, assuming that one month is about how long you should have your lights up.

In Illinois it would cost $38 each month to use LED lights and $3,309 to use incandescent lights. For Iowa it's $39 for LEDs and $3,450 for incandescent.

The most expensive state is Hawaii, where an incandescent display would cost you $7,552, and the LEDs would set you back $86. Alaska is second at $5,656 and $65.

The cheapest state is Louisiana, with $2,582 and $30, followed by Washington at $2,615 and $30.

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