You probably poop at work and you don't clock out to do it, so technically, you're getting paid for that time. Which begs the question: How much money did you make this year while pooping?


If the average person makes $53,657 a year, and works 47 weeks, with three weeks of vacation and 10 holidays, they work a total of 235 work days a year.

Since the average person poops one to three times a day, let's say you spend roughly 10 minutes a day doing it at work, whether that's one longer one or two quick ones.

That means you spend approximately 40 hours a year pooping at work, or one entire week. So the average American made $1,032 moving their bowels this year.

With our labor force around 156 million, that means Americans were paid $160 billion or so to poop at work this year. That's a very rough estimate.

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