The Oakland Athletics' ninth win in a row is being overshadowed by a violation of the MLB's 2020 Season rules regarding the pandemic after things got a little heated when the benches and stands emptied in a brawl.

Things were quiet the first two games of the series between the Astros and Athletics, but it seemed as though some true feelings were shown about the teams. It was Oakland's Mike Fiers who brought the Astros' sign stealing scandal to the officials.

When the Oakland Athletics' Ramon Laureano was hit by a pitch in the bottom of the 7th, for the third time in the series. This pitch was thrown by Astros pitcher Humberto Castellanos.

After being hit, the A's Laureano began yelling and exchanging words with Astros hitting coach Alex Cintron, when he threw down his batting helmet and charged toward him in the dugout.

Houston Astros v Oakland Athletics
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Luckily, Astros catcher Dustin Garneau came to the coach's rescue when he leaped from the bench and tackled Laureano before he could hit Garneau.

"I was just trying to stop the situation before punches were really thrown and stuff got out of hand," Garneau told ESPN, "That's really what my whole goal was for that incident."

Players cleared the benches, as well as the players sitting in the stands, and rushed the field. Several Astros poured out of the tunnel as well.

Laureano was ejected by umpire Ted Barrett. The rest of the umpire crew could be heard yelling "Get back in the dugout" in the ballpark.

He wasn't the only one.Oakland's Austin Allen, and Astro's Dusty Baker.

No word yet on punishments from the MLB for the fight, but they've been very clear this season about brawls.

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