Of all the bad decisions I've made while drunk in a hotel, I think the worst was emptying the mini bar. Nothing close to what this couple did.

33-year-ol Gina Lyons and her 35-year-old husband Mark Lee traveled from London to Sri Lanka to celebrate their honeymoon last December. Apparently they fell in love with the small hotel they stayed at.

One of the nights they were there, and about 12 glasses of rum into the evening, they found out the hotel was going to shut down. The owners either could not or would not make the lease payments. Gina and Mark figured out that the payments would be about $40,000 for three years.

They bought the hotel on the spot and signed a three-year lease.

Once they sobered up, they realized what they'd done and started to panic. They're not really rich, but a deal is a deal and they sunk another $8,000 into the hotel for renovations. They reopened it in July and are calling it Lucky Beach Tangalle.

Business has been great.

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