Cops in Georgia recently found 19-year-old Fred Barley staying in a tent near Gordon State College, 50 miles south of Atlanta. They were planning to make him leave, until they started talking to him.

It turned out he's been homeless for a while. But he was there to take classes and showed up before the dorms opened so he could find a job. Barley got there by borrowing his little brother's BMX bike and riding it 50 miles in 100-degree heat.

Instead of kicking him off campus, the cops put him up in a motel room for a few nights. When people in the community found out about it, they bought him a bunch of other stuff, including a new bike that actually fit him. A local pizza place even gave him a job.

Someone set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for his tuition. They stopped accepting donations this past Sunday after it raised over $184,000!

Fred posted a video on Facebook after the money started pouring in. He said that he's only going to use it to pay for stuff he needs right now. He's saving the rest of it, because he eventually wants to go to medical school.

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