Homeowner associations do stupid things on a daily basis all over the country. This might be the stupidest.

A woman named Kathryn who lives in Tennessee got a $100 fine from the HOA at her condo complex last month because her car accidentally left a penis-shaped outline in the snow.

That's right. She parked her Honda Insight overnight, there was light snow, and the next morning she drove away, and her car left an outline in the snow that I guess looks a little bit phallic. Although I'm sure Freud would be intrigued by the person who saw a penis there.


Anyway, Kathryn refused to pay the fine and threatened legal action.

The HOA didn't apologize, because being in an HOA means never having to say you're sorry, but they did say they, "will not be pursuing this further."

Read more at The Drive.

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