Never mess with a pregnant female, and not just pregnant humans, but animals too. They are feisty and protective, and if you get close they will attack you.

This pregnant otter in Santa Cruz thought she was able to do anything she wanted. She stole a surfers surfboard from him and used it as a relaxing flotation device to lay on as well as a chew toy to gnaw on.

 Video Below:


The caption on the Instagram video says, "@partsgrom had a real case of the Mondays yesterday. A pregnant otter stole his surfboard and starts gnawing on it, and they had a standoff. In the end, he gets a little help to get his board back, almost attacked at a couple of points, then gets chased in like a true local  #punkedbyanotter ‍years ago parts said his 1st tattoo was going to be an otter, this may have changed his mind "

For a while she was unstoppable, but eventually, after a few angry growls and a small chase, the surfer was able to snag his board back.

This is the surfer, Nick Ericksen, when there isn't a pregnant otter harassing him:

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