Robert Ringo has his next hike planned after being rescued mid-trek because of an injury.

Ringo was stuck in excruciating pain for 40 hours after he broke his femur and was left unable to walk.

He recorded videos of himself yelling for help, and talked about how being stranded felt. He followed the rules for a solo hike; tagged his location with his son, brought two liters of water. He ate juniper berries to keep from starving to death while he waited for rescuers to come.

After nearly two days, rescuers were able to find him. Ringo was airlifted to Desert Regional Medical Center.

"I’m just so grateful, because I mean, if I had never been found, it would be just devastating for my family. I have a very large family," he said.

Robert can't wait to get out again once his leg is healed up.

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