A list from AOL of things you can wash in the dishwasher! Save time, get back to the weed. Happy 4/20 day!


Check out AOL for the full list.

  1. Shoes. But only if they can get wet. So sneakers and flip-flops are usually okay, but dress shoes aren't.
  2. Baseball hats. Put them on the top rack, and they should keep their shape.
  3. Brushes and combs. Just not any with wooden handles. And first pull as much hair off them as you can, so it doesn't clog the dishwasher.
  4. Toys. Just nothing electronic, or things with small pieces that could break off.
  5. Glass lampshades from light fixtures.
  6. Your toothbrush holder.
  7. Make-up brushes. Put them in the silverware holder.
  8. Sports equipment. Like the shin guards your kids wear for soccer. If it's plastic, it's probably okay.
  9. Vacuum attachments.
  10. Your computer keyboard. People online swear it won't break if you don't use detergent. But you might have to let it dry for a few days. And obviously they're talking about desktop keyboards . . . don't toss your whole LAPTOP in there.